​​​​​Website Shorts:  The addition of videos can be a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website.  Whatever message you want to communicate, a video will bring to life your vision in the most engaging and creative way. 


​Family Documentaries and Tribute Videos:  Every family has a story: beautiful, inspiring, quirky, and sometimes heroic. I want those stories to live on forever! My mission is to help you create a video that reflects that beauty and inspiration, a documentary gem, that integrates family interviews with music, home movies, and photographs. Creating a family piece will give you a priceless video that can be shown at family reunions or anniversary celebrations and cherished for generations to come.


I have enjoyed a 30 year career editing national commercials for many New York and Philadelphia ad agencies, as well as videos for corporate, pharmaceutical and nonprofit clients.  My goal and joy has always been collaborating to create heartfelt, entertaining and stylish pieces.  My latest venture is shooting and editing videos for websites and families.  I work with a colleague when needed,

keeping the filming process efficient and relaxed.

Small Business and Nonprofit Videos:  A video is a cost effective means of engaging the viewer emotionally while revealing your company's philosophy, energy and objectives. A viewer gets  an immediate sense of what your company or nonprofit is about, and the people who make it unique.